Opening Address By MTM Ntola

We have an ambition

All of us gathered here today have a common ambition ,
Ambition to reside in a truly democratic, non-racial,non-sexist and prosperous society ,
We have ambitions to really reside in a society with freedom of speech and without adverse consequences ,
We would appreciate to reside in a country where freedom of association is guaranteed without any negative consequences,
All those who are here have an ambition of realizing a society where all people are equal,
We are all aspiring for human dignity,
Freedom and security of all is our ambition
We all hate slavery , servitude and forced labour
We aspire a society where every person enjoys privacy, freedom of religion, beliefs and opinion, freedom of expression
Access to courts, , justice administrative action,access to information,
Aspire a society where everyone has right to education, right to language and culture
Access to housing, children with writes , access to health care , food , water, and social security, right to healthy,clean environment which is not harmful to people’s health and we’ll being
Everyone has labour rights, freedom of trade , occupation and profession, freedom of movement and residence
Equal political rights ,assemble demonstration picket and petition

All of these sited here have are our dreams  , a vision   Hence ambitions to to realize all these rights

To realize the above , freedom charter remain a minimum program for all of us .

The essence of life is to be happy and enjoy life and everything created and developed has been done through love of life and preservation of happiness .
To peruse the essence of life unfortunately we should struggle because of many compiting interests.
Others want to to be rich at the expense of others and God has not created us to do that as he said, “love your nebhor as you love yourself”.

We have come too far we slaves/oppressed , we struggled to established  sharp weapons to  preserve our fight against the oppression , however those who were not even interested to that fight have taken our weapons.
We must now be clear no one will liberate ourselves except ourselves
Time has come to fight or submit

Unfortunately we are confronted by critical and difficult questions which have not confronted our forbears. , a question of weather to honour and respect our liberation brands and symbols even if they have been robed of  their content and substance,the historical mission , the mission of fighting for man kind, the mission of fighting  for better life for all, the mission that we won’t rest till all of us are free.  We are confronted with a question of whether a possibility exist to be truely liberated without us first liberating ourselves from the liberation movement.
Unfortunately we have to chose sides, to be with oppressed , the working class , the kings of the country’s wealth though they are not enjoying it or the capitalist,
We are called to chose a side of empty symbol/brand robed of its content and substance  or a historic mission in which they were established for.

Time has come for us to choose and our choice is the correct one   Choosing the historic mission   Fighting for all workers of the state and it’s agencies , we will return it to its brands And  symbols,

This is the task , a task of not betraying the mission of those who died and laid down thier lives for us, a task not for cowards  and those who are ready for this call. Be with me and all others who have taken it.

Revolutionaries love life , love happiness and love love.

“Each and every generation out of relative obscurity must discover its mission   Fulfill it , or betray it”, Fanon . We have resolved to fulfill it.
We have decided to fight for mankind , to fight for happiness,  an essence of life, to fight for better life for all mankind inparticular the employees of the state and it’s agencies.

We have decided to establish a weapon for all workers whose salary comes from the state and it’s agencies  ( state departments at all levels and agencies )

Our primary task is to fight for the improvement of conditions of services of all workers of the state and it’s agencies , to fight for healthy and safe conditions. Where workers  work. To ensure that quality services are delivered to our people who have been waiting  for too long,

Today we have gathered here to be part of and observe a moment of truth and a definition of a moment of truth in the history of the trade union movement in South  Africa. The moment WebGoogle+GmailWebmore ▼
has been defined by the, need of the masses of workers whose  voices. Have been unheard for  quite a.  While du e to their respect  for democracy and respect of leadership.

The moment we find ours. Elves in today ; as workers  has never been predicted before . First we must acknowledge that the moment was not predicted because  unity of the workers has always  been and remain paramount hence the founding of the Congress of South. a African Trade Unions whose goal was to unite all workers under one umbrella.
Common to that goal was the objective of ensuing that workers rights were protected and their interests defende d.  In this important regard workers Organisations became very central in building the structures for unity of the working class as the organize section of that working class.

There is nowhere in the principles of the progressive trade unions where it is pronounced that unity is forged through suspensions of the lone voice or dissenting voice through suspension or expulsion.  . In all policy documents of the progressive trade unions the tenets of participative and represents time democracy are protected and promoted .

The adoption of the Labour Relations   Act  after the first democratic election and election of a first democratic ; representative and non-racial, and non – sexist  and people centered government was a epoch making moment.

In all fairness; there has never been such an embarrassing and senseless period in the trade union movement like the current one whereby the open and day light murder of trade union unity is eliminated to sustain individual leaders and promote their personal interests if not the  interests of the ruling elites  or state. Any union leader who dares criticize the state or any of its leaders or leading forces gets the boot or is expelled to oblivion or doldrums of logics.

When union and the trade union federation represent the majority of organized workers simple silence those who have independent thoughts though suspension and expulsions the entire working class must be worried and question the motives. Many terms; names and labels have thrown around to wrongly define or characterized those who have been removed from leadership positions but the truth is far from being told. When many of those found in the forefront of this gathering and efforts to build a new home for  workers where  their interests will not be secondary to the interests  of Leaders and their friends , are called names such as counter -revolutionaries   Renegades ,and vigilantes to name a few,or when propaganda Is spread in palace of hard facts with anion tension to chastise those views are sought to be silenced or suspended, the workers became the greatest losers .

We must explain here today as a culmination of many other activities two years ago . Let us point out as. Early as now that many leaders  and workers have either been silently suspended or expelled from the so called progressive  trade union,affiliates to Cosatu and  ,supposedly subscribing to democratic principles where all  voices and opinions must be heard before decisions are adopted .

It is general knowledge that many workers are unhappy about the situation in the public service where no progress has been made in many years of collective bargaining, lots of collective agreement are not conclusive on workers interests and many are subjected to never ending processes . It is an open secret that for some many years now , the leading voice in the various public service bargaining council have not fought for the conclusion of. Outstanding matters such as the issues pertaining to universal house be efit, equalization of medical benefits , closure of the wage gaps , ratio of workers with their responsibilities   Eg police to population , nurse to patients , teacher to learners, and other issues.

Anyone who dare raise raise these matters is attacked to an extent of suspension and worse ,expulsion. This is not an issue about Thobile Ntola, Zwelinzima. Vavi, Irvin Jim” or even Numsa but about the suppression of a popular voice, collectively raised by the majority of the workers oytside the palace or boardroom of trade union politics.

We have met to south a common ground and collectively take an action to stop collusion  between the employer and employee or workers leaders. The purpose of our National consultative Meeting /Conference was therefore to do the following:

¥. Clarify our position in the trade union movement after many of workers ‘ leaders have since been suspended and expelled in the past two  years for raising a voice. Against some practice which is undesirable or non-beneficial to the workers.

¥. To seek a common. Voice and correct the notion placed In the public that the pioneers of the initiative to form a new trade union are renegades, counter- revolutionaries , and vigilantes whose interest is to destroy the so called progressive trade unions and Cosatu.

¥. To demystify the myth that everyone is influenced bu Numsa to revolt against any leadership or to cause anarch in the country,

¥. To ensure that no worker is found wanting and without a home after thier unconstitutional and politically purging from the unions to open  elective space for those who were channeled and forced to support selfish  interests of the employers at the expense of the workers.

On many platforms , the untrueth that has been told is that these leaders or workers or former trade unionists have left the various unions such as SADTU and others but reality is that they have been thrown out and therefore they chosen to give expression to the provisions of the Constitution of the country, hits bill of rights and Labour a Relation Act hence they have opted to form or join a trade union

The consultative meeting was critical platform to consider policy and basic objectives thus it will :

¥. Discuss the current political environment  in the republic of South Africa ,

¥.  The current dilemma or paralysis in the trade union movement,

¥. The adoption of an interim  Constitution and policy framework for a new broad public  service union

¥. The urgent need to save the South African Working . Class and the entire public service from the misery of a collapse state ,

¥. The urgent need to eradicate inequalities, patronage and all forms of corruption from the public service , and

¥. Centrally to unite all workers and build a worker controlled trade union for the entire public service,

In dealing with the above the meeting addressed the urgent need to start talks between and amongst the various trade unions in the public service with a view to create a conducive atmosphere to negotiate mergers and possible unification process which would ascertain that:

¥. We gain recognition and ultimately work toward ensuring that we play a role in negotiations for better working. Conditions and benefits for all services workers,

¥. We eliminate opportunities for domination band suppression of small unions. In the public service bargaining council through increasing of the vote. Weights on treshholds ,

¥. We eliminate chances and destroy opportunity for disunity of the public service workers gaining a majority representative in the bargaining councils for purposes of ensuring that we fight for conclusion of long standing process of closure income gaps in the public service,

¥. We fight for the support of a notion to build an independent, invited, cohesive, worker controlled and militant trade union federation with the view to form a single federation

We must therefor declare that without fear or favour we remain committed to ensuring that the voice of workers and the working class that have been silenced are heard and that the people are placed first before the interests of leaders.

We are confident that we have come this far and that nothing will stand in the way of a forward movement to pursue our historic mission

To realize this , we will be guided by the principle of independence , non aligned , worker control , non racialism and non sexism

We are establishing a giant,a radical, Independent union of all workers of the state and failure is not an option , we shall overcome,victory is on our side, ancestors of revolution are with us because what matters to them is the historic mission the reason for these brands and symbols to exist.

We have resolved to work for mankind , for better life for all workers Inparticular  and working class in General, this is the mission we have discovered and we’d are not betray it , but fulfill it , we are not submitting ,

Establishing a society of happiness.  Of love.  Of peace   Where there is no hunger , no oppression, no inequality, no unemployment, no poverty, anew person is needed, a person who  does not think about. Himself/herself, a person who has risen above himself/herself, a human being, a revolutionary.

This character of a person is critical for this task, a task of breaking into ascender this current heinous ,inhuman system society of capitalism and build a caring society ,society of happiness   Society of love, society of peace and prosperity for all.

Dealing with such cruel system, we don’t need an ordinary person , we need a revolutionary. A person who has risen above himself /herself  and think about others.

Revolution is a complex phenomenon

Let’s peruse this task with discipline, humility and passion

United we stand divided we fall

Every member an organizer and every leader an organizer

Life or death   Victory is certain. Time has come to liberate ourselves

This is our ambition , this is our dream.  This is our vision , hence our historic mission


Thank you

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee

South African Public Service Union

Contact : Thobile Mavhelonke Maphelo Ntola

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